タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel daiary in Thailand

  • 2017.06.18 Sunday
  • 03:24
タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel diary in Thailand https://t.co/cehTUakXcg #jugem_blog

タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel diary in Thailand

  • 2017.06.17 Saturday
  • 11:52



暑〜い、タイ。これから、買い物に行くんだけど、とりあえず歩いて、駅に向かってるんだけど、暑いよ〜。少し木陰の中で休憩ね^^・・。BTS phrom phong駅から電車に乗って、BTS chitrom駅で降りてからタクシーで、10分位かな^^。プラティナム・ファッションモールに到着^^。

It's hot, Thailand. I'm going shopping now, but I'm walking for the time and heading to the station, it's hot. I will take a break in the shade a little ^ ^. Take the train from BTS phrom phong station, get off at BTS chitrom station, then take a taxi in about 10 minutes ^ ^. Arrive at Platinum Fashion Mall ^ ^.





I was thirsty, I was patiently in the taxi ^ ^ I got out of haste and drink passion fruit juice gab - ^^^. It was delicious. It was a passion that turned around the whole body. . Take a breath and start shopping ^ ^.






Platinum · Fashion Mall 's 4 th place ^ ^. Embroidery design, I found a very cute, poncho ^ ^.
So soft comfortable to wear, soft denim fabric. Of course you can wear it like this! Even if it matches pants or leggings, it's cute! I bought several points here, please come and visit the online shop ^ ^. A bit more, since I bought it, I will return ^ ^.






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タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel daiary in Thairand

  • 2017.06.09 Friday
  • 19:05










In order to save money, I decided to cook myself ^ ^. Speaking of Thai cuisine, there are lots of spices, Chili and Nampula ^. Which dish is included ^ ^. So, if you put seasoning around here, it will be close. Wait .... But really, that's right ^ ^.

Today 's menu is fried minced meat and cucumber and eggplant with chopped garlic, spice and ^ Nampura. There is no name.

Actually, I wanted to eat it with raw spruce, but ^ Because I'm not confident, I guessed it through hot water. Wrap this in leaf, no dish, cook in leaves ^ And I will eat vinegar that I made this time. It is delicious ^ ^. Spicy, dry. To this, "Kao Nyao" If you eat glutinous rice with Thai "Alloy" It is delicious ^ ^. Also, if there is som tam of papaya, it is a cheap Thai dish ^ ^.

It's tough to build somtums ^ ^ Ah,! It is! I'm buying it! It is!






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タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel daiary in Thailand

  • 2017.06.04 Sunday
  • 03:23
タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel diary in Thailand https://t.co/s74y3Zpih6 #jugem_blog

タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel diary in Thailand

  • 2017.06.03 Saturday
  • 14:06



おはよっ。今日もあついねっ^^。お昼過ぎくらいに、phrom phong stationの前を歩いて、近くの公園“ベンジャシリ公園”の中で売っていた屋台のデザート^^。なまえ分かんないけど^^指さして、“コーアン・ヌング”これ、一つちょうだいって買ったの。コッペパンみたいのに、ピーナッツバターぬって、アイス乗っけて出てきた^^。日本の食べ物に例えたらーねーっ・・・。むずかしーなぁー。とりあえず、別でもいいと思うっ^^。そんな感じね。。でもね^不通に食べれたよ。なんだか喉渇いたけど^^。





Good morning. It is also hot today ^ ^. About a late afternoon, I walked in front of the phrom phong station and sold dessert in the stall "^ Benjashiri Park" in the neighborhood park ^ ^. I do not know the name, but I point it, "Kowan Nung" I bought this one. Like a coppépan, I cooked peanut butter, caught on ice and came out ^ ^. If you compare Japanese food, for example ... It was difficult. Anyway, I think that it can be another ^ ^. Such feeling. . But I could not stop doing it. Though thirsty somehow ^ ^.

What is Thai food is "spicy" or "sweet?" ^ ^. The interior is "cold", the outside is "hot" (laugh). But it is a nice place to get used to.
I am satisfied with my stomach, so I'm planning to buy it ^ ^.




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可愛い^^仲間たち。Cute ^ ^ My friends.

  • 2017.05.28 Sunday
  • 11:48










Children of "vanilla" got so big ^ ^ Currently it got 4.5 kilograms ^ ^ a little over 3 months. Eat breakfast in order.
Fast-hearted children are on stand-by at the table. Hey, wait ~. . What. . Recently, it seems that you have come to know us and you know your table. I did not take rice from other children. But when I notice it, there are cases where two animals overlap on the plate. Yes, there are also three. .

In love affair, nursery school situation ^ ^. Because I can not see the owner like this pretty time I will send you a picture and a bit of a cute ^ ^ Although I have memories of myself ^ ^. Most of the children are confident that their owner was found. Even though I married you will come and visit me, everyone will say, I am happy ^ ^. When we can live together with the children of the child, it will be a while afterwards, but we can meet again ^.

I am looking forward to be able to meet the child's children who have been huge in the future.








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タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel diary in Thailand

  • 2017.05.14 Sunday
  • 12:28







Good evening ^ ^. I came to buy a snack for tonight ^ ^. Whatever you are trying to do, you are struggling. I did this. I do not know the name, but I have a delicious sensation. . This fruit is the fruit called Katon, I can eat this manly but ^ It is delicious when you eat it as a somtum ^ ^.

I'm selling chili, krill and Nampura here. I do not understand well. . It is in this bag, the white one is Kathong. With interesting touch, it looks like a squid ^ ^ (laugh). It is a squid around the seeds ^^ something ^ ^ I do not know. I can go out with beer ^ ^.









And I bought it at market, made vinegar with red pepper. This is a versatile seasoning. Recently, I noticed, Thai cuisine, no matter how much dish you have spice. Garlic, leaves, roots and so on. . This is not it prevents food stuff? That's how it felt. . It is a hot country throughout the year. Sorry, the ingredients will be painful ^ ^ Everything ^^. Because, I have not hungry until now. "Shrimp, raw shrimp, a little bit, baked not enough baking" Once. . If this is true, spice is amazing ^ ^. In truth, I do not know how to do it. It is simply a strong body. .

But I will match any dish, so try making it ^ ^ Unlike Japanese peppers, "Hanpan" is painful! "Bloody, get out!" Too much, "danjer" So ^ ^.
Today, I'm going to put vinegar on a paddy ♡





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タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel diary in Thailand・jj market

  • 2017.05.11 Thursday
  • 18:08








Good morning. It is hot as ever Bangkok from the morning. I drank awakening sweet ~ Ichio and I am looking at the menu of "Quittioa Rua" while thinking about what to do today's schedule. .

I wanted to make it a porridge stall, but after all I wanted to eat noodles, "Quitty Ao! "Goya meat and noodles with soup with internal organs. It's about 90 yen a day. It is a taste favorable to Japanese people, the soup is refreshing and it is delicious to eat it in hot areas. ♡ I will go buy it on the BTS from now on to "jjmarket".

If you come here in Bangkok, please eat it. It is a shop called "Lun Ruan" of about five minutes walking soi · 26 from BTS station Phrom Phong station.




お腹いっぱいになったのに、街道沿いにある屋台を眺めながら、プロンポンの駅に到着。今日は土曜日だから、電車すっごい混んでる。日本と違い、多国籍の人がわんさかだっ。スマホ夢中にあっという間にモーチット駅に到着っ。『jj market』へのショートカットとぉって、『暑いっ!』マーケットエリアへ。








While I was full of stomach, I arrived at the station of Phrompon while watching the stalls along the highway. Today is Saturday, so the train is so crowded. Unlike Japan, people from multinational citizens do not care. I got caught up in a smartphone and quickly arrived at Mogyat station. As a shortcut to "jj market", "It's hot! To the market area.

The first thing I headed was Aizen 's shop. My mother is so cute and fluent in Japanese. A local word used by Japanese people to go out comes out. The goods of the shop are very good, the design and the finish are sooooo good, っ! Since the merchandise here is not in the bag, it is good that you can take it in your hands.

There is not such a thing here, but most shops will bring out items in the bag. If it is in Japan, there is no mistake, but here in Thailand, it is no use unless you open the bag and check the items. Because products that do not accept inconveniently are included. It's fine if you change on the spot, but it's too late, even if you notice from returning to Japan. Even the big department store is the same, so check!

At this shop, I bought Aizen 's tablecloth ♡ I sell it at the online shop so please take a look if it is good ♡








I have not spent so much time shopping for the first time, but I am thirsty ~. There are plenty shops like this at every part of the market. I do not feel thirsty, I want to drink and I want to eat ~. Because there is not such a shop in Japan. I do not have it in the image, but I'd like to try recommended meals. I eat ripe mango with salt and Chile & Ajinomoto in Japan. Meguha! It's delicious! If you come to Thailand try it!

Because it is in the shop where blue mango is placed, try challenging. Pointing and saying "Coanny". It was my pleasure to take a walk in the market while eating pineapple and mango.






Also, this shaved ice. I choose three kinds and have them topping. It is delicious, with condensed milk or fruit jam on it, it is delicious only with ingredients with interesting touch, it is hard to judge by appearance, but it gets quite satisfactory, it is one of my favorite food. At this time, the store was busy, auntie, she was doing terrible.




かき氷食べながら、『可愛いエコバッグ発見!』 何種類かあったけど、そのなかから、5種類のバッグをお買い上げ!収納ポーチもあるんで、どこでも使えちゃうね。5種類とも花柄のデザインで可愛いよ♡


While eating shaved ice, "I found a pretty eco bag! "There were several kinds, but I bought five kinds of bags from that! There is a storage pouch, so you can use it anywhere. Five patterns are cute with floral design ♡




それと、ちょ〜かわいい『レザーサンダル』もお買い上げ♡なかなかのデザインで、一目で決めちゃった!タイ国の人って、センスいいよね。どこのお店覗いても日本に無い可愛い商品があるもんね〜。ここ、『jj market』もいいけど、『siam square soi』にあるお店はもっと可愛い商品沢山あるから、次回は『siam』も紹介してみるね。


Also, we also purchased a cute "leather sandal" ♡ I decided at a glance with a pretty design ♡! People in Thailand have good sense. There are cute items that are not in Japan no matter where you are looking at. Here, "jj market" is also nice, but there are many more cute items in shops in "siam square soi", so I will introduce "siam" next time.





お昼過ぎまで、marketを歩き続けて喉は渇くは、お腹は空いたはで、とりあえず休憩。。market内は気温30度の上はあるでしょ。。暑いのは我慢できるけど、むしむしの気温は疲れるよっ。。喉渇いたから、冷たいの飲んで〜。なぜか意味なしに、コーラー頼んじゃった・・。水にすれば良かったのに。。下手なタイ語伝わらなかったみたいだっ(笑) そして、『クイッティアオ・ルア』ね。朝も食べたけど、この『クイッティアオ』は『ナムトック』って言って、豚の血で作ったスープなんだよ。元気なうちにカットして、血を採るんだって。その血をスープに入れるの。




Until afternoon, I continue walking the market and my throat gets thirsty, my stomach is empty, I decided to take a break for the time being. . There is a temperature above 30 degrees in the market. . I can endure being hot, but I feel tired of mild temper. . I was thirsty, so I drank cold ~. I asked for Kohler without meaning for some reason. You should have done it to water. . It seems I did not convey a bad Thai language (lol) And it is "Quittioa Lua". Although I ate in the morning, this "Quittioa" is "soup made from pig's blood", saying "Nam Toc". She cuts her cheerfully and takes blood. Put that blood in the soup.

It 's sooooooo sweet and thick soup. But, I can go back at the aftertaste. As expected, there is only a southern country, it is devised to be able to eat even if it is hot ~. The first time I came to Thailand, I got cheated and ate anything, but I never had a loser. But, the only thing that is impossible is the "Ruatmu" pig's blood which is hardened, it is a look lever. I wonder if the touch is tofu. What a mysterious food. This, "Ruatumu" on rice and eat it. I guess it's delicious if you get it! Anything challenge! Please eat by all means.








Even now, ship is active in tourist spot, but it seems that there used to be many canals here in Bangkok City. It seems that there were plenty of merchant ships such as vegetables, fruits, daily necessities etc on this small ship. It seems that the amount of noodles in "Quittio'a Rua" is small, it's coming from here. You will make a purchase between small boats. Because it would get in the way of a big size it seems you made it to be the size of the dish you can finish with 2.3 mouth.

I also heard that there are other things, but because I want to eat lots of kinds on the ship, I have become a small plate. It seems there is a huge amount from the beginning now, but Thai people do not like things originally. It is good to stack small dishes. Challenge because there is a caller service when you eat 10 dishes! Please try




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タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel diary in Thailand

  • 2017.05.07 Sunday
  • 08:45





I deviated the Golden week and departed for a trip to Thailand for a trip Death 違 Unlike during the Golden Week, the seat in the cabin is rattley economy, but comfortable as a business








なんだかんだ、1時間我慢して、ホテル到着!今回泊まる場所はsukhumvid soiにあるホテル。駅近いし、移動が便利。空港で朝ごはん軽く食べただけなんで、とりあえず晩ご飯ね。近くの屋台で鶏肉ののったクイッティアオを注文。ナンプラーとチリをかけて、これがサッパリして美味しいんだなぁ。お腹すいてたから、早食い(笑)でっ、ごちそう様でした!明日は、マーケットで買い物。マーケットエリアはメッチャ暑く、体力消耗するんで、ブログ短く、早めに寝るよ。ビール飲んでね〜🍺


This time, I was thinking of switching from Suvarnabhumi to the train and going to BKK city, but the timing of the train is in the evening. You have two suitcases, and you can not ride when you go home. I lost my way, changed taxi! It is! Yappari comfortable

But even when entering the city it is a very heavy traffic jam .... This is getting tired again ~. Even if I look around, it is a coconut tree and a building. I can not speak Thai, I can not talk with a taxi driver. Temple ~. . Oh, I'm sleepy. I am going to go to bed differently, so I can not sleep. .

Somehow, I endured it for 1 hour, the hotel arrived! The place to stay this time is hotel in sukhumvid soi. It is near the station and it is convenient to move. I only ate breakfast at the airport, so I had a dinner for the time being. I ordered Quittio Au with poultry at nearby stalls. It's delicious as it is refreshing with placing Nampula and Chile. I am hungry, I ate quickly (laugh), it was a feast! I will go shopping at the market tomorrow. The market area is hot in Metscia, it is weak, my blog is short, I will go to bed early. Drink beer.





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  • 2017.05.02 Tuesday
  • 12:59





Baby 's baby got so big !! In the corner, it resembles his father ~. I hope I get bigger. When eating rice, it is a tremendous sight that is extremely fun, I am looking forward to the future growth. Together, I'm eating dachshund baby, but somewhat somewhat, me feeling quiet, only me "" We are currently recruiting families that we can cherish. Feel free to call out ~ ~.




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