タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel daiary in Thailand

  • 2018.05.17 Thursday
  • 03:14
油彩画 絵画 oil paint https://t.co/1AxwU0K7QT #jugem_blog
油彩画 絵画 oil paint https://t.co/1AxwU0K7QT

油彩画 絵画 oil paint

  • 2018.03.14 Wednesday
  • 10:47



I met in Damnoun in Thailand and I'm making an old woman peddling in boat with oil painting ^ ^. In Japan, I draw the unexpected scene on the canvas ^ ^. While looking at nostalgia without anywhere, the gaze of the old woman was very impressive ^ ^.






  • 2018.03.07 Wednesday
  • 11:03




Children are mixed dogs of Dachs and Shiba  ^ ^ Personality is dachs and hair quality is characteristic of Shiba dog ^ ^. She is a very childlike child, her personality is very cute ^ ^. Today, the child on the left went to the bride for the customer ^ ^. I was also pretty, so it will be a very lonely feeling when I let go, but I am happiest to be able to take over the owner by myself ♡ I am looking forward to the time of going back to work ^ ^.



タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel daiary in Thailand

  • 2018.03.06 Tuesday
  • 03:14
油彩画/絵画 https://t.co/bW9EbfSTAL #jugem_blog
子供たちのバンコク旅行 https://t.co/Nveusfhb0T #jugem_blog


  • 2018.03.05 Monday
  • 20:38



It is a girl who met in Thailand / Damnoen ^ ^ It was shaken by a bot by a peddler and sometimes closed my eyes and slept, as Pat got up, the girl who was shining his eyes was impressive and took a brush ^ ^. It is a very difficult thing to draw a heart, behind a girl 's expression ^ ^.



タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel daiary in Thailand

  • 2018.02.14 Wednesday
  • 03:14
フレンチブルドッグpappy元気に成長中? #フレンチブルドッグ #フレンチブルドッグ仔犬 #ブリーダー French bulldog pappy growing up healthily ? #Frenchbulldog… https://t.co/xPod8z54Y1

タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel daiary in Thailand

  • 2018.01.27 Saturday
  • 03:14
子供たちのバンコク旅行 https://t.co/BwQcddcDON #jugem_blog


  • 2018.01.13 Saturday
  • 15:06



Today, I borrowed a car and came with children in the water market in Damnoen ^ ^ Arrived at Bangkok 1 hour 30 by car ^ ^ This season is not hot and very comfortable climate perfect ^ ^. I get off the car and head for the market with a boat. ^ ^.




Arrived at the market by being shaken by boat for about 10 minutes ^^. It is coconut ice ^ ^ I bought with interest by children. I will give you my first coconut ice, "I will! Sweet ~ ~ ~ ! '^ ^ Great look.




約1時間位、マーケットで観光して、次は車で5分位の場所にある、chang park象乗り体験^^。象にあげるバナナを購入して、象に乗って公園を散策^^。今回は子供だけで乗ることにしました^^。15分位で戻って来た子供に感想を聞くと『あの、象使い酷いよ!バナナは自分で全部上げちゃうし、棒で象の頭、バコバコは叩いてるし!後、スマホの音楽全開で、歌ってたよ!』って^^。なんか、降りて来て、愚痴ってた^^。まぁね。ここはタイ国。こんな感じなんだよって、説明して納得してもらう事に^^。


About 1 hour, sightseeing in the market, next is a place about 5 minutes by car, chang park elephant ride experience ^ ^. I bought a banana to give to the elephant, took a walk on the park on an elephant ^ ^. This time I decided to ride alone with a child ^ ^. When I hear the impression from a child who came back in about 15 minutes, "Oh, the elephant is terrible! I will raise all the banana by myself, the elephant's head with a stick, the buggy is hitting! Afterwards, I was singing at the full music of the smartphone! "^ ^. Something, it came down, complained ^ ^. Ah well. This is Thailand. In order to explain and convince me that it is like this ^ ^.
But the elephant I got on for the first time, I was happy  ^^.






On the last Sunday ^ ^ I got up, immediately ride on the train without eating breakfast and go to Chat Chuck Market ^^.
I am interested in children as well as animal lovers as well as other animals, so I will take them here ^ ^.
It is a place where reptiles and fish etc. are lined with places that I do not like ^ ^ ^. I was excited about creatures that I can not see much in Japan ^ ^.







Children who have not eaten anything since the morning ran to a banana tree at the moment when I saw a banana, "I got hungry ~ ~ っ っ" ^ ^. In the moment, I do not think "Do not take a banana ~ ~", I cried myself ^ ^. Because the lower child is over there so chicken you can not help it, there is nothing to eat from the morning. Well, this chicken was sooo delicious, two children were bought for two more ^^^. It is quite a lot ^ ^. And the two who got hungry also took out the Sepakutarob bought at the department store and played for nearly 2 hours ^ ^.








To Japan with a flight at 10:30 tonight ^ ^. With an early dinner, chose Taisuki ^ ^. Because their taste is different, it is impossible for them to fit together ^ ^. Well, I ordered a quick menu ^ ^. Because there is no beef, Duck, pork, vegetables, barmy ^ ^. Despite saying delicious sauce of Taisuki, I was eating a lot ^ ^. There were lots of delicious food in Thailand, I wanted to eat a lot, but with a busy schedule, I could not do so much but I came along well ^ ^. My older brother was Thai in one word, challenged a lot and my son took the Thai food that I can not eat, so I wonder if this trip to Thailand was good? Even a little, it would be nice to stimulate my life ^ ^.





 子供達は大満足でテンションがさがりません^^。でもでも、無事に日本へ帰れそうです^^。又、タイに来たいと思いを込めて『サワディ・クラップ!』Children are very satisfied and I do not feel tension ^ ^. But it seems that I can return to Japan safely ^ ^. Also, I wish to come to Thailand "Sawasdee Clap! "












  • 2018.01.11 Thursday
  • 17:54




This is my first overseas children. My older brother is a middle school student this year. Studying was busy, so I decided to take him to elementary school. Because I am always alone to Bangkok at work, Narita feels different from usual. Children, of course, happy and excited ^ ^.





The usual Thai international airline ^ ^. It is curry with chili effect as well as on-board meal. Challenge for the first time in-flight meal of rice with kids ^ ^. It was breakfast I ate in the lounge and I was not very hungry, so I left it almost ^ ^. Fuji which the child took from inside the plane was very beautiful ^ ^. It's not cloudy, it's hard to see the bright Mt. Fuji ^ ^ It's amazing ^ ^.





Arriving in Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok in about 7 hours ^ ^ Bangkok ^^ children photographed while I was sleeping

^ ^.





Arrive at the hotel in Sukhumvit in the center of Bangkok about 1 hour by taxi from the airport ^ ^. If you ask me what to eat dinner, "Buckwheat" ^ ^. Japanese food until coming to Thailand. I think that it is inevitable for children who are not good at Thai cuisine. But, as I came, I wanted to eat a little Thai food, I took out Gaoyne (Yakitori) · Mu Pin (pig skewers) · at the department store's food court in Phrompon. Do not forget to eat buckwheat ^ ^ At a nearby Japanese restaurant. I almost forgot to take pictures ^ ^. First of all, children are Pepsi and Lemonade in Thailand, I, of course, Kampaai with Sinher Beer ^ ^. The children liked the soba here, we ordered two as well ^ ^. I am happy with beef with beef bread fillet (fried chili with sauce) ^ ^.







On the way back to the hotel, I bought Nam · mumwan (mango juice) and Mumuwan (mango) at the stall of Benjasiri Park and stroll hanging ^ ^. In the grassy we found a big mouse and it's a big deal ^ ^ In Thailand, there are abundance of animals and animals do not run away. There are abundant foods ^ ^. We took takeai out at the department store, took the Gayen · Moo Pin · Mango back to the hotel and we ate a lot of stomach. I ate it well ^ ^ ^ I was impressed by mango exquisite ^ ^.





I am satisfied with the full stomach ^ ^. I will go to Damnoun tomorrow and ride an elephant ^ ^. Good night ^ ^.



タイ・バンコク買い付けの旅・Travel daiary in Thailand

  • 2017.12.27 Wednesday
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ペットグッツ・ファッション https://t.co/x7OVzxDiFK #jugem_blog